Whitney Edmonds

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2016


IES: Dublin Internship

Marquise Drayton

Passport to GO! 2016

Ash Heffernan

Passport to GO! 2016

Elizabeth Hennigan

Passport to GO! 2015

Lee Storrow

Matching Funds 2009

No Title

Carina Cortese

Carina Cortese 2008


Family, Memory, and Political Violence in Argentina: The Effects of La Guerra Sucia as seen through Argentine Theater

Jacqueline Bradley

Jacqueline Bradley 2007

Centralizing the Stage: Analyzing Theatre's Role in Society through Non-Western Traditions

Wesley Schultz

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2006


Paul North

Paul North 2005


Aids on stage: Development Communication and Theatre for Development in Rural Malawi

Katherine Harris

Katherine Harris 2004


Female Organizers in the Maquilas

Carolyn Shook

Fulbright U.S. Student Program 2003


Teaching English as a Foreign Language