Max Wolpert

Fulbright U.S. Student Program 2018


Second Language Impact in First Language Attribution in Chinese-English Bilinguals

Leslie Hicks

Conference Presentation Award 2017

Potsdam, Germany

Chlamydomonas Kinomics and Phosphoproteomics

Carinne Geil

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2019

Lisbon, Portugal

Atlantis Project Pre-Medical Global Fellowship

Steven Doerstling

Fulbright U.S. Student Program 2017

Västerås, Sweden

Sustainable Dietary Interventions for Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Jhoan Aquilar

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2017

Grenoble, France

UNC Summer Biochemistry Study Abroad in Grenoble

Karlo Montegrico

Vimy Global Team Award 2017

Manila, Philippines

The Migration of Care: A Film on the Emigration Patterns of Filipino Nurses and their Essential Role in Foreign Healthcare Systems

Aisha Booze-Hall

Global Take Off: Puerto Rico 2016

Río Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Kane Cooper

Passport to Go! 2016

Amber Denning

Passport to Go! 2016

Charles Farris

Passport to Go! 2016

Jayce Myers

Passport to Go! 2016

Jasmyn Thomas

Passport to Go! 2016

Yaman Peksenar

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowship 2016

Grant Masini

Passport to Go! 2015

Jacob Stocks

Passport to Go! 2015

Jillian Loftis

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowship 2015

Arabic (Academic Year)

Boya Wang

C.V. Starr Scholarship 2014


Project Heal 2014: Community-Based Health Projects

Sarvani Gandhavadi

C.V. Starr Scholarship 2014


Women’s Health in Rural India

Reyanne Strong

Passport to Go! 2014

Tori Williams

Passport to Go! 2014

Sanjit Misra

Matching Funds 2009

Aaj Ka Dhamaka Show

Naman Shah

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2008


World Health Organization Malaria in Southeast Asia Internship

Pranay Prabhakar

C.V. Starr Scholarship 2007


Summer Premedical internship in Kerala, India

Jaymin Patel

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2007

Kyetume Community Based Health Care Programme

Monica Shah

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2007

HIV/AIDS educator for World Camp, Inc

Mehul Patel

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2006


Experience in Medicine

James Kercher

Pre-Dissertation Exploration Award 2005


Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Alkyl Phopsones and Organometallic Complexes

Tilak Shah

C.V. Starr Scholarship 2005


Acting Intern