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We’re excited to announce a new opportunity, the Next Level Fellowship, offered through a partnership with the Center for Global Initiatives, the UNC Department of Music and the U.S. Department of State! We will select two undergraduate students to join UNC professor and Next Level Founding Director Mark Katz as interns in Bolivia over spring break as a part of the Next Level hip hop diplomacy program.

The Next Level program has been sending U.S.-based performance artists to different destinations around the globe since 2014. In all more than 111 artists (including rappers, dancers, beat-makers, and DJs) have been to 30 countries on 6 continents, and for the first time, two undergraduates students will join the program for a week of professional development and cultural exchange. Fellows will be active participants in the program and develop skills in diplomacy, research, communications and intercultural exchange.

This announcement comes at a time when we are also embarking on the third year of another fully funded fellowship offered in partnership with the School of Medicine, the UNC Medical Horizons Fellowship. This fellowship provides an opportunity for a pre-med student to join a cohort of UNC medical students both in the classroom at UNC and abroad in Honduras to learn about women’s health. The experience abroad is organized through the Honduran Health Alliance, a group of international organizations currently working on women’s reproductive health and community development through women’s health screenings and health education projects.

In alignment with our Opening Access work, both fellowships are fully funded and have been designed for students with financial need and limited travel experience. The deadline to apply is November 11th, 11:59pm! 


Next Level Fellowship: Travel to La Paz, Bolivia for hip hop diplomacy

The Next Level Fellowship funds two interns to accompany UNC Professor of Music Mark Katz. The students will work as interns in La Paz, Bolivia during spring break 2020 for the Next Level hip hop diplomacy program. The opportunity allows students to develop cultural diplomacy, research, and intercultural exchange skills. The students will:

  • Support the fellowship staff, interact with U.S. and Bolivian hip hop artists
  • Meet U.S. Embassy staff
  • Visit important cultural sites in La Paz.

All UNC undergraduates, who are U.S. citizens, with limited or nor travel experience and financial aid can apply.

UNC Medical Horizons Fellowship: Provide medical care support in Honduras

The UNC Medical Horizons Fellowship is open to pre-med juniors and seniors interested in an international experience. The award provides funding for one student to join 1st and 4th year medical students on a summer women’s health project in Honduras. The program takes place for three weeks in late June through July 2020. This fellowship provides career and personal development alongside networking opportunities. In collaboration with the UNC School of Medicine and the Honduran Health Alliance (HHA), the program offers:

  • A trip to Honduras to collaborate with local communities
  • Opportunities to provide health education talks, family planning resources, and women’s health screenings
  • Experience in a medical school environment and patient contact

Advanced Spanish language proficiency and attending FMME 233/433 Global Health Elective Course in the spring semester (not for credit) are required. Undergraduate students must be U.S. citizen or permanent residents. Students with limited or no travel experience and financial aid are eligible.


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