Katie Reich Costanza

Dr. Niklaus Steiner, director of the UNC Center for Global Initiatives (CGI), and Dr. Charles Kurzman, co-director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East & Muslim Civilizations and professor sociology at UNC, recently released a report titled “Global Education for All?” that discusses the challenges of increasing access to global education and some strategies UNC-Chapel Hill has taken to address these challenges.

According to Steiner and Kurzman, “Many universities and national organizations such as Diversity Aboard, The Association of International Education Administrators, and NAFSA have been actively working to diversify global education. Much of this work, however, has narrowly focused on increasing racial/ethnic diversity in credit-bearing Study Abroad programs. While good progress has been made in this arena, how might the demographics look across other facets of global education? Have we made progress here as well and what sorts of interventions are proving successful?”

Different groups across UNC’s campus have been working to ensure that students from all backgrounds and disciplines have access to global opportunities through the CGI-led, pan-university Opening Access Initiative. Building off some lessons learned and trends identified through this effort, Steiner and Kurzman go on to analyze these trends and the interventions currently being implemented across campus to ensure that all students have access to a global education while at UNC.

Read the full article online here.

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