Katie Reich Costanza

We are excited to announce two new opportunities for juniors and seniors for the upcoming summer, Global Take Off: Puerto Rico [SUMMER] and UNC Medical Horizons Fellowship!

Aligned with our Opening Access effort, both opportunities are designed for students with limited travel experience and financial need. Both are also fully funded opportunities, and both applications are due Monday, November 13.

Global Take Off: Puerto Rico [Summer]

We’ve partnered with the Athletics Department to Launch a second Global Take Off program in Puerto Rico shortly after spring exams (May 2018)! This new opportunity is designed for students who expect to graduate in December 2018 or May 2019. So if you have applied to Global Take Off in the past and were not accepted, we strongly encourage you to apply!

UNC Medical Horizons Fellowship

We’ve partnered with the School of Medicine to offer one undergraduate student the opportunity to join current UNC medical students on a three-week summer women’s health project in Honduras. Juniors and seniors planning to apply to medical school and have a particular interest in women’s health as well as a commitment to Spanish language learning are strongly encouraged to apply.

In addition to our new programs, we have one additional summer program with a November deadline. If you’re looking for a longer experience with a greater focus on language skill development, consider applying for the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program. This program offers a summer language immersion experience for fourteen different languages in locations around the globe. CGI houses an on-campus CLS advisor for this federally managed immersion program, so please reach out if you’re interested in learning more or would like support with your application strategy.

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