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Full-time faculty and staff

Offer modest support to faculty and staff who are presenting important scholarly work at major conferences abroad.

Niklaus Steiner

ID# 1479 | Last Updated: Friday, June 21, 2019


These awards offer modest support to faculty and staff who are presenting important scholarly work at major conferences abroad. These awards must be matched by funds from your chair, dean or director. The match may also come from another UNC unit, such as an area studies center.

Eligibility & Restrictions

Applicants must:

  • Be tenured/tenure-track faculty, full-time EHRA non-faculty or SHRA employee at UNC.
  • Present publishable work at a significant conference. We will not support observers or discussants.
  • Demonstrate that their participation in the conference has the potential to advance institutional relations between UNC and a university abroad.
  • Before applying, secure matching funds from your director, chair or dean, or from another unit on campus. The purpose of these matches is to vouch for the significance of the conference. As such, conference funds allocated annually by UNC to faculty do not constitute a match.
  • All awards granted during the current academic year must be expended by May 31. For activity with a start date of Aug. 1 or later, please hold your application until awards reopen next academic year. For activity that falls in between, please reach out to us!

Each faculty/staff member is limited to one award every two academic years.

Available Funding

Except in extraordinary circumstances, the maximum amount of money that the Center for Global Initiatives can offer is $500, and we usually make awards below this maximum.

Notification of Award

Applicants will receive award or rejection notices via email one to two weeks after submitting an application. Please do not contact the Center for Global Initiatives to inquire about the status of your application during this time frame. However, if you have not received a notice three weeks after you submit your application, please inform us.

Reporting Requirements

If you receive this award, you will be required to submit a final report after the conference using the Center for Global Initiatives’ Online Reporting System. This system collects narratives and data about funded projects to enable the Center to determine whether its programmatic purposes are being met.

Awardees are also required to enter or update their brief biographical sketch in UNC’s Faculty International Expertise database.

Application Instructions

Please submit your application via the online application. The major parts of the application are:

  • Conference information
  • Statement of impact of attending conference
  • Abstract of what you are presenting
  • Travel dates
  • Budget, including a financial commitment from your chair, dean or director