Lisa Pearce

Conference Presentation Award 2018

South Africa

International Population Conference 2017

Michelle Dromgold-Sermen

Pre-Dissertation Exploration Award 2019

Berlin, Germany

What Does it Mean to Belong? Insights from Syrian Refugees, Foreign- and Native-born Individuals in Berlin-Neukoelln

Joel Martinez

Matching Funds 2016

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC

MEZCLA Bilingual Magazine

Rebekah Smith

Passport to Go! 2016

Imani Burwell

Global Take Off: Puerto Rico 2015

Puerto Rico

Janel Young

Passport to Go! 2015

Mikayla Tencer

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2015


Teach English in a Homestay in France while Exploring and Experiencing Parts of Europe

Yue Yang

C.V. Starr Scholarship 2014


A Comparative Study of Network and Networking in Job Seeking

Amanda Baldiga

Fulbright U.S. Student Program 2014


English Teaching Assistantship

Josh King

C.V. Starr Scholarship 2013


Understanding Barriers to Community Mental Health Programs in Low-Resource Settings

Aseem Hasnain



Nested Identities: Negotiating Muslim-ness and Shia-ness in 20th century India

Jacqueline Hagan

Matching Funds 2011

Brandon Gorman

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowship 2010


Aseem Hasnain

Matching Funds 2009

Negotiating Multiple Islams

Judith Blau

Matching Funds 2009

No Title

Jillian Casey

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowship 2009

Tanzania, United Republic of

FLAS to study Swahili and work with Pediatric HIV in Tanzania

Judith Blau

Matching Funds 2008

Membership fees for the Scholars at Risk Network at Sponsorship Level

Nicole Thompson

C.V. Starr Scholarship 2008


Ugandan Children Art Project (U-CAP)

Ashley Gibson

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2007


Judith Blau

Conference Presentation Award 2007

Towards a Sociology of Human Rights

Daniel Dehanas

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowship 2006

Amir Qaddomi



Functioning of Individuals with Disability in the West Bank:An Assessment on Activity Limitations and Participation Restrictions.

Elisabeth Vodicka



Community Relations among Female Latino Migrants