Rhonda Lanning

Matching Funds 2016


Developing a Partnership between UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing and Family Health Ministries in Haiti

Taya Mcclure

Passport to Go! 2016

Jacob J. Moore

Passport to Go! 2016

Darian Redfearn

Passport to Go! 2016

Taylor Reynolds

Passport to Go! 2016

Makayla Wilson

Passport to Go! 2016

Kendell Silveira

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2016

Sri Lanka

Re-entry Nursing student travels with her child to Sri Lanka to gain perspective on providing holistic nursing care for families receiving genetic diagnosis.

Jean Davison

Conference Presentation Award 2015


A Quality Improvement Project to Improve Hypertension Self-Management

Ashley Westbrook

Passport to Go! 2015

Kathryn Mcgarry

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2014


Medical Spanish and Clinical Immersion in Guanajuato, Mexico

Brooke Foster

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2013


The GOD’S CHILD Project: Casa Jackson

Stephanie Sun

Fulbright U.S. Student Program 2012

Kelsey Knight

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2012


Challenging My Perspective: Nursing in a Guatemalan HIV/AIDS Clinic

Seonae Yeo

Conference Presentation Award 2011

Debra Barksdale

Conference Presentation Award 2011

Amy Davenport

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2010


Global Health Nursing: Volunteering at the El Centro de Salud, Teotitlan del Valle, Mexico

Diane Yorke

Matching Funds 2010


No Title

Laura Nasir

Curriculum Development Award 2009

United Kingdom

Advanced Practicum in Nursing: England Section

Jamie Glover

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2008


School of Nursing in Uganda

Christina Harlan

Curriculum Development Award 2008


Practicum in Nursing: International Work Experience

Darci Mcclary

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2007

Nurse-Midwife Internship with the Uganda Orphans Fund Mobile Clinic

Darci Mcclary

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2007

Uganda Orphans Fund-Bega Kwa-Bega

Elizabeth Howard

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2006


Nursing in Latin America

Oanh Nguyen

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2006


Leprosy: Still a Problem

Amanda Brown

C.V. Starr Scholarship 2005


Intern in Monitoring and Evaluation for family planning activities

Bill Powell

Curriculum Development Award 2004


Community oriented primary care

Patricia Swagart

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2004


Nurse extern nurse preceptee

Nada Lukkahatai

Pre-Dissertation Exploration Award 2003


The Thai Cancer Pain Experience: Relationaships among Spiritual Beliefs, Pain Beliefs, Pain Appraisal, Pain Coping, and pain Perception and Outcomes


Curriculum Development Award 2003


Building Healthy Communities Globally