Jorien van Hoorn

Conference Presentation Award 2018

United Kingdom

Adolescent Brain Development & Social Networks conference

Chad Ledford

Global Take Off: Puerto Rico 2018

Río Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Global Take Off: Puerto Rico Winter 2018

Brittany Nicole Barker

Passport to Go! 2016

Steven Curcio

Passport to Go! 2016

Daniel Federici

Passport to Go! 2016

Isai Garcia-Baza

Passport to Go! 2016

Jana Gladman

Passport to Go! 2016

Ronald Harris

Passport to Go! 2016

Jocelyn Meza

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2016


Volunteering Abroad with young girls in Guatemala

Kayla Wolverton

Passport to Go! 2016

Betsabe Rodriguez

Global Take Off: Puerto Rico 2015

Puerto Rico

Hannah Scruggs

Passport to Go! 2015

Olivia Laspina-Williams

C.V. Starr Scholarship 2015


An Exploration of and Immersion into Unique Cultures: Studying Abroad

Kevin Hart

Passport to Go! 2015

Karen Johnson

Passport to Go! 2015

Susannah Krom

Passport to Go! 2015

Savannah Hamiter

Passport to Go! 2014

Jacqlyn Grilli

Passport to Go! 2014

Kenya Hairston

Passport to Go! 2014

Jalyn Mcneal

Passport to Go! 2014

Corinne O’brien

Passport to Go! 2014

Ambriana Wade

Passport to Go! 2014

Gabrielle Johnson

Passport to Go! 2013

Erika Wesonga

Matching Funds 2012


Africa Night 2012

Brendan Yorke

Student Learning Circle 2012


Intercultural Competencies through Service, Research and Relationships

Brendan Yorke

Matching Funds 2011

Prasant Lokinendi

Matching Funds 2010

Sangam Nite 2010

David Johnson

Student Learning Circle 2009

Mental Health Treatment in East Africa Student Research Circle

Sharon Odametey

C.V. Starr Scholarship 2009


Female Genital Mutilation: The Psychological Effects and Coping Mechanisms as Proposed by West African Women

Funmi Adefila

Matching Funds 2008

27th Annual Africa Night Show

Chimi Boyd

Matching Funds 2006


Sexual Trafficking: Breaking the Crisis of Silence

Yoonhyoung Lee

Pre-Dissertation Exploration Award 2006

Working Memory and Linguistic Complexity Processing in Korean: Eye-tracking Studies of Relative Clause Sentences

Jonathon Scott Hajek

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2004


US Department of State

Clare Rohleder

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2003


Physical Therapy