Savanah Hipp

Passport to Go! 2016

Briana Mccormack

Passport to Go! 2016

D’angelo Gatewood

Passport to Go! 2015

Samuel Martin

Passport to Go! 2014

Joseph Riley

Passport to Go! 2014

Joanna Furno

Pre-Dissertation Exploration Award 2010

Korea, South

Connections with Women Mathematicians in South Korea

Idris Assani

Matching Funds 2009

KNUST and UNC-Chapel Hill Collaboration

Idris Assani

Matching Funds 2008

Travels to KNUST to develop connections between UNC and Ghana and Benin

Idris Assani

Matching Funds 2007

KNUST and developing connections

Matthew Callahan

Carolina Global Initiative Award 2006


Steven Piantadosi



A Mathematical Perspective on Borrowing and Feature Systems in Linguistics