Susan Pennybacker


Matching Funds

Workshop with King's College faculty, and TGBHS UK speeaker, Sept.-Oct. 2014

The UNC-King's College Fund is sponsoring a keynote and workshop called "Lost Futures in the History of European Empires, II," which meets at NCCU and UNC-CH, Sept. 12th, 13th and 14th. I wrote to N. Steiner concerning this event this past summer. The key note is the renowned Africanist Fred Cooper of NYU; participants include UNC-CH faculty and graduate students, 7 visitors from King's College London and participants from NCCU, State, Duke, Wake Forest, BU, Cornell and GWU. A public keynote is at NCCU the evening of the 12th and the workshop open to all who register, is at the Global Fedex Sept. 12-13th. There is a website, and we are listing UNC GI as a co-sponosr based on summer correspondence. See In addition, the Triangle Global British History Seminar will host the painter and critic Julian Bell from the UK, as part of a year-long series on themes in British history and the history of the former empire, set in a global and inter-disciplinary context. The seminar steering committee is drawn from UNC-CH, Duke and State. Faculty, undergraduate students and graduate students form across the region will attend. Bell will speak on 19th century British realist art in a global context, at Hyde Humanities Center on 10 October. We are listing GI as a co-sponsor based upon summer correspondence. Most grateful in both instances.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC