As one of only seven National Resource Centers in global studies, the Center for Global Initiatives annually receives $558,500 from the U.S. Department of Education to support and strengthen its operation as a comprehensive language and global studies center.

With a focus on opening access to global education abroad, on campus and in the community, this support significantly impacts traditionally underrepresented groups at UNC, as well as K-12 classrooms, community colleges and minority-serving institutions across North Carolina.

The Center has this impact because it:

  • Embraces a research-driven approach that comprehensively addresses existing key barriers.
  • Partners with faculty and staff who work closely with targeted underrepresented populations.
  • Coordinates with area studies centers that have specific regional expertise.
  • Collaborates with minority-serving institutions and community colleges on significant and sustained programming.
  • Engages K-12 classrooms by partnering with the School of Education.
  • Employs rigorous, data-driven evaluation that offers constant monitoring and adjusting of programs as needed.

In pursuit of this goal, UNC is committed to going beyond traditional approaches to diversifying global education and to setting a national standard for such efforts.

Vês Isto!" (Watch this!) (Matola Rio, Maputo, Mozambique) by Ben Aijian '16
Vês Isto!” (Watch this!) (Matola Rio, Maputo, Mozambique) by Ben Aijian ’16