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Carolina Global Photography Competition

Join us for a reception and viewing of the 2015 Carolina Global Photography Exhibition on Wednesday April 8 5:30 – 8:00 pm.

This event is sponsored by the Center for Global Initiatives, Global Relations, International Student and Scholar Services, and Study Abroad. 

The 2015 Carolina Global Photography Exhibition will open Feb. 23 and run through July 31, 2015 at the FedEx Global Education Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  You can also see a slideshow of the winning photographs online.

  • Read the article in Endeavors on the competition.


Q1.  Am I limited to only 3 photos?  Can I submit more?
A1.  No more than 3 photos can be submitted.  Choose your favorites!

Q2.  Do I have to submit 3 photos?
A1.  No.  You may submit 1, 2 or 3 photos but no more than 3.

Q3.  Do photos have to be taken on UNC Study Abroad trips?
A3.  Not at all.  There is no requirement or limitation on where or when the photo was taken.  Alumni could even submit photos taken from 20 years ago!

Q4.  I am technically not a UNC student but I am enrolled in a collaborative program between Duke and UNC.  Am I eligible to submit?
A. Yes! 

Q5.  I would like to submit a photo taken in the US that has an international dimension.  Is that allowable?
A5. Yes!