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Culture Kits
Culture Kits are a collection of tangible items from a country brought to us by international and UNC students. Each item is accompanied by a description highlighting the item's use or significance.

These kits are especially practical for elementary students who have a greater need to touch and see items in order to learn, but are applicable to other grade levels. Click the links in the left sidebar to browse through some of our culture kits by world region. 

Please note: We are constantly updating and enhancing our Culture Kits, which means that not all Kits will be available every semester. Please email us if you have any questions.

    • Ecuador Culture Kit
    • New Bangladesh Culture Kit Items
    • Spain Culture Kit # 2
    • Scotland Culture Kit
    • Mexico (2)
    • The Philippines Culture Kit
    • Afghanistan/Pakistan
    • China Spring Festival Culture Kit
    • Cambodia
    • Japan Culture Kit
    • Colombia Culture Kit
    • Ethiopia Culture Kit
    • Indonesia Culture Kit
    • Vietnam Culture Kit
    • China Culture Kit
    • Switzerland Culture Kit
    • The Netherlands Culture Kit
    • Complete Turkey Kit
    • Germany Culture Kit # 1
    • Germany Culture Kit # 2
    • Guatemala Culture Kit
    • India kit 1- full kit
    • China Kit
    • El Salvador Culture Kit
    • Lesotho Culture Kit
    • Haiti Culture Kit
    • Kenya (2) Culture Kit
    • France Culture Kit
    • Uganda (1) Culture Kit
    • Cambodia Culture Kit
    • Panama Kit
    • Malaysia School Items
    • India Culture Kit # 2
    • Canada Arctic Items
    • Canada Culture Kit
    • Nepal Culture Kit
    • Egypt Culture Kit
    • Pakistan Afghanistan Kit
    • Democratic Republic of Congo Complete Kit
    • Jordan Culture Kit
    • China
    • China Kit
    • Argentina
    • Australia Culture Kit # 2
    • Bahrain Culture Kit
    • Belize Culture Kit
    • Canada Culture Kit # 1
    • Canada Culture Kit # 2
    • China Culture Kit # 2
    • Costa Rica Culture Kit
    • Cuba Culture Kit
    • Ethiopia Culture Kit
    • European Union Culture Kit
    • Guatemala Culture Kit
    • Ireland Culture Kit
    • London Culture Kit
    • New Zealand Culture Kit
    • South Korea Culture Kit
    • Sweden Culture Kit
    • Tajikistan Culture Kit
    • Tanzania Culture Kit
    • Trinidad and Tobago Culture Kit
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Eligible Borrowers 

Educators from any public or private school in North Carolina may borrow materials. Other eligible borrows include UNC faculty, staff, students, alumni and residents of North Carolina. However, educators and Carolina Navigators presenters will be given first priority.

Lending Policies 
Materials are available free of charge (including return postage if materials are received by mail) and may be borrowed for 30 days, but may be recalled after two weeks for a borrower of priority.

Materials not returned by the assigned due date will accrue fines of $0.50 per day to a maximum overdue fine of $15.00. Items still not returned 30 days after the due date will be assumed lost and borrowers will be charged a fine of $100.00.

If the lost item is returned, the borrower will be charged only for the $15.00 overdue fine. Fines may be paid by check to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Materials may be renewed for two week intervals, provided they have not been requested by other borrowers.

To Request an Item 
Each kit request must be submitted separately. 

Requests for materials should be submitted **at least** two weeks before your intended usage date.

--> Click here to request a Culture Kit!

From a teacher...

The teachers and students of Tabernacle Elementary School wish to thank you so much for arranging the wonderful presentation of musical instruments from the Andes.

Jeff and Brenden were superb in their presentation. The teachers were impressed with how (they) related to the different ages of the students.

They commented on the level of professionalism that Jeff and Brenden brought to the presentation.

Elizabeth Buchanan
Tabernacle Elementary School (Randolph County