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*We send out kits according to the UNC student schedule (Sept.-April), as the majority of our staff is made up of student interns. The last day we will be sending out kits for the semester will be 4/27/16.

Welcome, Educators and UNC Students!

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Carolina Navigators is a service-learning program that works with UNC students who have international expertise, to create FREE global resources for K-16 teachers and students across the state.  They create culture kits, digital resources, and virtual presentations.

Many teachers face the problem of not having adequate time for lesson planning, or enough funds to buy quality global classroom resources. At Carolina Navigators, we have come up with a solution that can help just about any teacher in the state, to easily incorporate culture and global education into their curriculum.

Our program is well established and has been around for almost 20 years. On average we reach 30,000 K-16 students in NC each year, and we have touched over 250,000 students since our program began. Last year we sent kits over 400 kits to 39 different counties in NC, and 71% of the kits we sent went to Title I schools.

This service is free of charge for educators in North Carolina.

What can you do with Carolina Navigators?

1. Borrow a Culture Kit.  Culture Kits are collections of resources that contain authentic artifacts and contemporary and historical items, such as games, money, printed materials, tools, school uniforms, books, CDs,, and DVDs, from a variety of countries.

2. Integrate a short Video Story, Photo Story or Article into a lesson.

3. Bring a Carolina Navigator service-learning student in your classroom virtually or in person. (This option is only available from September-December and January-April. For more information, email navigators@unc.edu)

4. Participate in one of our Virtual Cultural Presentation Fairs. Sign up for our newsletter to get event details, reminders, and resources to prepare your students for the event.

5. Make integrating our resources easy by getting our monthly newsletter! About We'll email you our targeted newsletter highlighting the 3-5 resources that focus on a specific theme, country, grade level or curriculum area.

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UNC students! Do you want to be part of Carolina Navigators next semester? Click here!

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