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About GO!

The GO! Initiative is designed to help students evaluate expectations, anticipate potential cultural and ethical challenges, prepare for engagement in communities, and develop intercultural competencies.

In addition, GO! provides an avenue for students to network and interact with others traveling to similar areas of the world. GO! holds or co-sponsors events throughout the year to help expose students early to these important ethical dimensions. Then, a flagship conference-style orientation each spring provides an intensive day of training and discussion of these issues.

Major parts of the GO! Spring Orientation are: faculty-led workshops on a variety of topics; a student plenary and discussion; and a global experts luncheon where students can meet students, staff, and faculty from the country or region to which they will travel.

A very special thanks to Christopher Batchelder, Candace Howze and Mairse Mazzocchi at UNC's Carolina Digital Story Lab for creating this video.

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    • First Do No Harm
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