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We are most grateful for gifts from Carolina friends and alumni that enable the Center to support a diverse range of innovative programs and events involving students, faculty, and the community.

Currently, our top funding priority is our International Internship Award, which supports, on a competitive basis, students who have secured internationally-focused internships. Since launching in 2002, the program has enabled over 200 students from over 40 different disciplines to intern at organizations as diverse as the Rhodopi International Theater Collective in Bulgaria, International Animal Rescue in India, the Population and Community Development Association in Thailand, and the Pasticceria Busuoli Pastry Shop in Italy.

As part of our impact and evaluation assessments, we require all award winners to report on their experience into an online database that we developed to help other students find internships.  In a recent survey, 81% of respondents said that they would NOT have been able to implement their internship without CGI funding.

Please consider making a financial contribution to make more internship opportunities available to UNC students. These awards range from $500 to $3,000 and cover such things as homestays, local travel, and visas.

You can simply make a gift to the Global Education Fund.

And the next time you’re in Chapel Hill, I hope you’ll stop by my office to discuss innovative ideas that expand and amplify the global work of UNC.

With much appreciation,

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Niklaus Steiner, Ph.D
Director, Center for Global Initiatives

“I have connected with the reproductive health research, development and foreign aid communities in Cambodia.  Moreover, I feel like the project strongly improved my knowledge of and cultural competence related to South East Asia.” 

Janna McDougall
Gillings School of Global Public Health

“I have built relationships with the local people there who are interested in the same type of work as I am. The difference is that I get to learn about it in class, whereas they get to apply it in real life and make a bigger impact than I do here in United States.”

Jaymin Patel
Carolina Environmental Program

“I am very thankful for this opportunity, funded by CGI. I think CGI is a wonderful program that gives students priceless opportunities abroad that they would have never had the chance to experience otherwise.”

Marlon Sequeira

“As an intern to the Political-Economic Section of the U.S. Embassy to Slovakia, I spent 10 weeks this summer learning about Slovak politics and U.S. diplomacy.  The topic of my senior honors thesis has grown out of my experiences with the Roma community in Slovakia.”

Adrianne Lapar
International Studies & Spanish