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Mexican Children in the Classroom

This educators’ manual describes the educational background of Mexican-born children and their American-born siblings, the Mexican educational system, the geography and history of Mexico, cultural differences between Mexico and the United States, and Mexican customs and traditions.

In the form of a CD, this resource has been distributed to the superintendent of every school district in North Carolina and to over 45 other district level administrators and supervisors to share with their teaching communities. This information has also been shared with offices in the NC Department of Public Instruction and with several county health departments in the state, as well as at least 50 non-profit organizations that work with families and children in the Latino communities across the state and along the east coast.

Administrators from school districts in Texas, Missouri, Virginia, California, Illinois, Indiana, and South Carolina have also requested copies of this resource. The CD is also being used by many higher education institutions for pre-service teacher training.

The project is a collaboration between UNC's Center for Global Initiatives and School of Education. The funding for the current Fourth edition comes from the Title VI National Resource Center Program of the U.S. Department of Education's International Education Programs Service.

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