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Going to Carolina del Norte

We think we know their stories: they are Mexican immigrants here to earn money to support families back home. Anthropologist Hannah Gill and visual artist Todd Drake understand this, but they are more interested in the human faces behind the dollar signs.

Their book Going to Carolina del Norte presents the stories of Mexican immigrants living in Orange County, North Carolina and their families who remain in Celaya, Guanajuato. These immigrants and their families reflect on why and how they settled in the United States (specifically North Carolina) and how migration has impacted child-raising, education, gender roles, and class divisions in origin communities in Mexico.

In 2005, a research team from the Center for Global Initiatives that included Gill and Drake visited Celaya, Guanajuato to meet with civic leaders, conduct interviews with families of immigrants, and hold an art workshop with local residents to better understand the impacts of immigration.

This book is available for sale for $12 including Shipping and Handling. (cash, check or money order)! To purchase, download and complete the order form and mail it with your payment to the Center for Global Initiatives.

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