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C.V. Starr Scholarship

PLEASE NOTE: This award will no longer be offered in its current form. A new, award aligned with the Center's priority of opening access to global opportunities will be launched in late January with an application deadline in mid-March. Please subscribe to our eBulletin to be notified when the application period opens.


Application Deadline: TBA

Information below is subject to change until the competition opens and the deadline is announced.


These awards are intended to support UNC students who demonstrate financial need to undertake an independent internationally-oriented experience.

The C.V. Starr International Scholarships were established at UNC in 2004 with an endowed gift from The Starr Foundation. Since 1980, C.V. Starr Scholarships have been established at more than 80 major universities, liberal arts colleges, and graduate and professional schools in the United States and abroad.


Undergraduate students may apply if they:

  • Are considered “Pell-eligible” based on their level of financial need
    (U.S. students should have already submitted a FAFSA and international students will submit a financial aid worksheet with their application)
  • Have at least a 2.8 GPA
  • Will return to UNC for at least one semester upon completing their internationally-oriented experience

Graduate students may apply if they:

  • Are NOT U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents (“Green Card” holders)
  • Demonstrate financial need to the satisfaction of the C.V. Starr selection committee by completing the International Student Financial Worksheet
  • Will return to UNC for at least one semester upon completing their internationally-oriented experience

To be eligible for funding, the proposed project must:

  • Be in place by the time the student applies for funding
  • Advance the student’s academic and professional career
  • Take place during the summer
  • Be an independent project (not a formal Study Abroad or other fee-based program).

Preference is given to projects that:

  • Initiate or strengthen institutional relations to UNC.
  • Take place abroad
  • Are undertaken on the student’s own initiative as opposed to being undertaken because of a UNC degree requirement


Students who apply for the C.V. Starr Award MAY NOT also apply to the following Center for Global Initiatives awards:

  • Carolina Undergraduate Health Fellowship
  • Internship Award
  • Group Project Abroad

Because there is some overlap between these funding opportunities, students must choose only one for which to apply during any given academic year.

Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Available Funding

Estimated Available Funds: $35,000
Typical Range Awards: $3,500 - $5,000
Typical Number of Awards: 8
Typical Number of Applicants: 20

The Center for Global Initiatives is not bound by these estimates and is often unable to award the full amount of funds requested. Each award is made as a stipend, issued as a check.

Evaluation of Applicants

Reviewers assign points to each application based on the following rubric:

Feasibility and Planning (5 points)
  • Is the project adequate and appropriate to achieve the student’s expected goals?
  • Are the questions who, what, when, where, and why articulated in the narrative?
Need (5 points)
  • Is there a clear financial, academic, and professional need for the applicant to receive this award in order to undertake this project?
Impact (5 points)
  • Will the project advance the student’s academic and professional career?
  • How does UNC benefit from this project?
Budget (5 points)
  • Is the budget clear, adequate, reasonable, and justified?

Notification of Award

Applicants will receive award or rejection notices approximately 4 weeks after the deadline via email. Do not contact the Center for Global Initiatives to inquire about the status of your application during this time frame.

Award Requirements

Awardees are responsible for securing proper IRB approval for your project, if required. Potential IRB issues should be discussed in your project proposal.  Resources are available on our IRB page.

CGI embraces a culture of "giving-back." If selected for funding, you must choose both a service and a research requirement from among a menu of options including presenting through the Carolina Navigators program, creating a Culture Kit, or assisting with a CGI sponsored event.  Please note that these are subject to change and will be communicated to you at a special award acceptance session for recipients.

Further, you MUST attend the day-long GO! Global Orientation on Culture and Ethics Pre-Departure Orientation on April 5, 2014. Please reserve this date in your calendar at the time of application. Those who attended GO! in a past year are not required to attend again, however they are strongly encouraged to and will have the opportunity to attend different workshops to expand their competencies.

Finally, you must submit a brief online report at the completion of your project.

Application Instructions

Applications are completed online and include:

  • Basic bio information
  • Project title and short summary
  • Short answer questions
  • Letter of Affiliation
    (only required if you are proposing work with an organization - It is in your best interest that this letter is both specific to you and detailed as to the type of work you will do for the organization and why the organization will benefit from your presence)
  • List of three references
    (You should not solicit a letter from these individuals, but they may be contacted by CGI staff in regards to your application.  It is in your best interest that at least some of these references work in the field and region of your proposal)
  • Detailed budget
  • List of additional funding sources
  • Unofficial transcript (see instructions here)
  • International Student Need Analysis Worksheet (download here)
    (only if you are an international student and thus have not submitted a FAFSA form)

Contact Information

Tripp Tuttle
Program Officer, Center for Global Initiatives


CGI aims to significantly increase the number of traditionally underrepresented students who have access to and benefit from global opportunities. As such, we actively encourage applications from these populations.  

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