The staff of the Center for Global Initiatives manage programs, funding and events to expand global opportunities at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Below, you can explore our staff by filtering to a particular area or group. Or, visit our contact page for general information, including mailing address and phone number.

Robert Anderson


Languages Across the Curriculum

Develops and manages LAC program

Brandy Arellano

Program Manager

Center for Global Initiatives

Opens access to global opportunities through a variety of funding opportunities and programs

Liz Bucrek

Program Manager

Carolina Navigators

Manages the K-12 outreach program

Susan Carroll

Managing Director

Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center

Manages the joint Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center

Amy Cole

Program Assistant

Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center

Supports the Rotary Center and fellows, plans annual conference

Emily Connelly

Office & Events Coordinator

Center for Global Initiatives

Primary planner for the center's events.

Katie Costanza

Research, Communication & Program Manager

Center for Global Initiatives

Manages communications, data and systems at the Center

Iyman Gaspard

Program Manager

Center for Global Initiatives

Manages federal funding and grant submissions, including Fulbright and FLAS

Hannah Gill


Latino Migration Project

Leads the Latino Migration Project and teaches global service-learning course

Narvis Green


UNC Global Unified Business Cluster

Manages finance and human resources

Ricky Hurtado

Executive Director

N.C. Sli

Leads N.C. Sli

Nick Johnson

Administrative & Communications Manager

Carolina for Kibera

Manages operations and communications

Yelena Mirzoyan

Accounts Manager

UNC Global Unified Business Cluster

Provides human resources and finance support

Kitty Stalberg

Program Coordinator

N.C. Sli

Coordinates programs and events for N.C. Sli.

Niklaus Steiner


Center for Global Initiatives

Leads the Center

Dan Thornton


Global Engagement Scholars

Coordinates the Global Engagement Scholars program

Tripp Tuttle

Graduate Assistant - Technology & Design Consultant

Center for Global Initiatives

Special design and technology projects

Galina Zilberter


UNC Global Unified Business Cluster

Travel accounting and student awards